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Elsa, Female, Frenchie, Approximately 5-6 months old

Elsa our little Frenchie Queen is looking for her forever castle and royal family!

Elsa will need a special adopter that will understand how to work with her Cleft Palate. She is the sweetest girl there ever was. She is so precious and full of energy, but would do best in a calmer environment. Elsa was born with a Cleft Palate and is defying the odds! She loves to play and jump around like a little bunny! She is the best at cuddling and just wants to be next to you at all times. 

Elsa's perfect home would be with someone who understands that sometimes she'll have a snotty nose that runs at times. (You could say the "cold" never bothered her anyways!) She sounds like a little frog occasionally because of her cleft palate. She is able to eat normal hard kibble but does drink from a rabbit bottle, which she loves! She deserves the best home and family possible... could it be you?

If interested, please fill out our adoption application below!

- - Please note that we require character references and a home inspection before agreeing on future adopters. You are required to fill out our adoption application form at the bottom of the page to be considered. Please allow us a minimum of one week to review all our applications and get back to you! We will respond to every application to at least let you know whether or not you were selected. If selected we will go over more specific care instructions from there. You are required a home inspection if selected, and a 2 week trial to test if the pet is a proper fit in your home environment. The adoption fee for our rescue animals includes them being up to date on vaccinations that are due at their age, deworming, preventatives, microchipping, dog toys, food bowl, water bowl, blanket, dog bed, and bag of dog food. Any questions or concerns, please reach out via e-mail at:


Please click on the link below to start our adoption application process. Please make sure to fill out the application as completely and accurately as possible. Please ONLY fill out the application for a pet that is actively up for adoption. Once the form is filled out, we will immediately get your form sent to us. Please allow us 5-7 business days to review all of our applications. We will send you a response whether or not you and your family get chosen. Please understand that we REQUIRE a home inspection before adoption to make sure the environment is safe for our pets. We also REQUIRE personal references AND a vet reference. If chosen, we will reach out to you, and have you start a 2 week trial process from there. Any questions about the application, please e-mail us at:

Adoption Pricing

For every pet we place up for adoption, the adoption fee may vary. Some pets you will see listed as high as $400 - $800, but never more than this. Why are some of our pets priced this high? Below is a breakdown of cost for our rescue:

Many of our rescue puppies become surrendered to us at birth or very close to the time of their birth.​ Because we are an animal rescue that functions solely off of foster homes, these puppies are being cared for around the clock, and we currently only have one person that cares for them when they are this young. Our founder is the only one on our team currently that is able to care for them when they are at this stage. This includes special tube feeding for our cleft palate babies so they don't aspirate which is a difficult feat for many.

Upon initial intake, we have a veterinarian examine the pet right away. If there are any emergency surgeries, NICU hospitalizations, or any medications needed to treat any issues at intake, we cover that expense. For example, we recently took in a French Bulldog puppy that had severe skin issues that normal antibiotics would not touch. We had to do a special skin scrape, and found that this puppy needed to be on more expensive special medicine. We covered that cost. On another occasion, we took in a paralyzed puppy that had a severe case of Coccidia and Giardia, and was very dehydrated. We not only covered the cost of medication needed, but also her hospitalization charges in ICU. All of these examples had taken place at initial intake. Even though there were added expenses and issues with these animals we did not turn them away. We always do what needs to be done to help them survive and get better.

Once we get the clear from our local veterinarian team, we will then place each pet in a foster home. As previously stated, many of these new puppies need 24/7 care. It is not an easy job staying awake with any newborn puppies, and since all of our pups have special medical needs, it does add to the workload of our team. We wouldn't have it any other way though knowing we are saving lives in the process!

While they are in foster care, our rescue covers the cost of their puppy formula or dog food, water bowls, crates, x-pens or play pens, blankets, pee pads, baby wipes, beds and toys. We cover cost of deworming medication, and make sure all pets have flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives. We regularly have a lab test their fecal to be sure our pups continue on a healthy path which is an additional cost. Some of our cleft palate puppies need specialty water feeders since they can't drink water without them as well.

When our animals reach appropriate ages while in our care they are microchipped, and receive vaccinations appropriate with their age. If they are still in our care and reach the appropriate age when they can be spayed or neutered, we cover that cost before adopting. In our adoption agreement for any future home it is agreed upon that the pet must be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. This means that if one of our rescue pets is adopted when they are too young to be fixed, our future adopter needs to schedule an appointment with their local vet, and we will cover cost of their spay / neuter when the time comes. 

Some of the pets we've had in the past have needed specialty items as well. One of our former dogs, now known as Ernie, needed a special wagon to get around since he was unable to walk on his back legs when we first rescued him. Our rescue covered the cost of his wagon, and a specialty car seat which was an additional fee. We currently have a rescue dog in our care that may need a wheelchair, and our foster home is taking her to our local veterinarian clinic every single week to receive the laser therapy, water therapy, and physical therapy she needs. It's possible she may need a back leg amputated, but we're unsure until we watch how she grows. Our rescue will get her fitted for a wheelchair and pay for leg amputation surgery if needed.

With any adoption, the fee will cover cost of: deworming, preventatives, vaccinations due for their age, food and water bowls or water bottle for palate pups, collar, harness, leash, and dog food! If old enough before adoption, we will have them spayed or neutered at our preferred vet clinic. If they go to a forever home before they are old enough to get altered, we have a $200 spay/neuter refund we will give to the owner after they get fixed. 

Unfortunately as many of us animal lovers know, pet care is not inexpensive as much as we like it to be. But our pets will always receive the life saving care they need. As we are a brand new non-profit and animal rescue, our hope is that over time we are able to raise more money to help lower costs for our adoption fees. Every bit of money received from an adoption fee goes right back into the next rescue animal we take in and their medical bills.


Our rescue is always a phone call away if anything happens after adopting. Many of our team members work at a local veterinarian clinic, and are happy to help with any questions our forever homes have. If there is ever any additional questions about our pricing, please reach out to us at:

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