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Welcome, Dog Lovers!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our local dog rescue and help out our special needs pups!


Crystal's Clefts

Dare to Be Different

Crystal's Clefts is proud to be a 501c3 non-profit organization in the Northeast Ohio area specializing in dogs with clefts and other special medical needs.


How Did Our Rescue Begin?

Crystal's Clefts started with our founder of the organization, Crystal Mills. She had spent years rescuing special needs animals while working in the veterinarian field. While working at a local animal clinic, Crystal found that some dog breeders chose to euthanize any puppies that did not meet the physical aesthetic for dog shows / dogs that they thought couldn't be sold for a good profit. This meant that any puppies born with a cleft lip or cleft palate would be euthanized. Crystal realized that these were mostly just cosmetic issues, and these puppies could still live a completely normal life! From then on, she was determined to help rescue any puppies at risk for being euthanized due to a special need. Now she has been able to help many lives and help grow many families! From many being hand fed by Crystal from birth, to helping potty train, & socialize - it's a full time job! We need help from donors like you! Please consider donating, fostering, or adopting today to help save more lives!

How Do We Help?

We are helping rescue special needs dogs in the Northeast Ohio region. Primarily these dogs tend to have a cleft of some kind, however, Crystal's Clefts have taken on other dogs with different medical needs.

Initial Intake
The first step is our initial intake where we assess the pet's medical needs. New intakes are immediately assessed by a local veterinarian before entering a local foster home.

Vaccination / Microchip
After initial intake and a pet has successfully decompressed in a foster home, each pet is appropriately vaccinated per age, spayed or neutered at the appropriate time, and microchipped.

Finding the Right Family
Once a dog has been completely vaccinated and is the appropriate age, we go through adoption applications and make house calls to determine the best fit for each dog and prospective new family.

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